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My name is Aurelien and I am 32 years old.

I have been passionate about Japan since I’m young, and my love for it has only grown since I began to live here 6years ago. I wanted to share this love with as many people as possible, so I began a youtube channel.

I share my experience as a French guy living in Japan, discovering the culture, trying the food and using my expression power to show amazing things in Japan that Japanese people don’t see anymore.





I’m in love with Japan, passionately and genuinely. I love the culture, the people, the history, the food, etc. I want to remind everyone living there how beautiful and amazing the country is. I want to share it with as much people as I can


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I also love France, the country where I was born. I love being this bridge between France and Japan, showing how similar or different they are, allowing everyone to love each other, without any judgment. A lot of Japanese people loves France and a lot of French people loves Japan, so let’s take French – Japanese friendship to another level!


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I am very lucky to have an amazing community. You are all like minded people that are kind and genuine. I want to create more space to interact together, enjoy together and be together!


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I love food, as you can see, most of my videosis me and my friends eating. This is because food is one of the easiest, down to earth things that makes everyone happy, that is deeply rooted in culture and that we can all enjoy together, getting closer and happier. Food is simple and it’s the thing that links my goals all together.


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