My name is Aurelien and I am 32 years old.

I have been passionate about Japan since I’m young, and my love for it has only grown since I began to live here 6years ago. I wanted to share this love with as many people as possible, so I began a youtube channel.

I share my experience as a French guy living in Japan, discovering the culture, trying the food and using my expression power to show amazing things in Japan that Japanese people don’t see anymore.



My Journey to Japan



People don’t realize how much we are exposed to Japanese things on a regular basis in Europe. The fridges we use are Japanese, the computers we use are Japanese, the cars we use are Japanese. We eat Japanese food, we play japanese game (Nintendo, playstation). I even watched a lot of anime on French TV, dubbed in French (Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Captain Tsubasa, etc.) 

What resonated the most with me as a kid was of course anime and games. I was always impressed by Japanese creativity as a kid, so different from french cartoon or games. But it was a great window to Japanese culture so I became interested in Japan as a whole


Me and my sister

I shared my passion for Anime and Japan with my sister, and we grow to love Japan together. She loves it ever since and live in Japan as a model right now.

2004 - 15歳

Japanese Culture

My love for Japan just continued to grow, I was always impressed by their technology and still their creativity, I began to take interest in Japanese arts, especially music. When I was 15, I asked for Japanese culture books for christmas! I was so happy and ready to begin my journey to know more about Japan! I also begin my interest for the language and learned kana. (My haircut on this picture is unbelievable haha)

2009 - 20歳


From 17, my passion for music grew along my passion for Japan! My dream was to work with Japan one day! I begin a band doing japanese music (visual key) and studied composing on the side. I also discover my love for youtube! At the time I already had 2 youtube channels, one being for making music covers.

2014 - 25歳

First time working with Japan

One day, to my surprise, I was contacted by Hello Project to make music for their idol band C-ute! I was ecstatic! My dream will finally come true! I worked so hard and the first demo I sent them was accepted and became the single “Middle Management”, working with Tsunku and that became Oricon ichi! You can check the video here

2016 - 27歳

I left France for Japan!

Working for Hello Project and idole in Japan really fired up my motiviation and gave me the power to finally achieve my long last dream: Living in Japan! I couldnt let this opportunity pass by and I wanted to continue my dream of working there and being able to meet more people to have more work. I also wanted to finally experience the culture.

I then continued to do music for Japanese idole for a few years. Discovering Japanese culture directly in Japan was amazing for me and strengthened my love for Japan and my understanding on how deep Japanese culture was.

Meeting C-ute!

2017 - 28歳

Meeting my wife

Around a year after I began to live in Japan, I met the woman of my life. It was love at first sight and I asked her to marry me 6months after we first met. This is the best thing Japan ever gave me. I love her so much and I’m grateful everyday to have her by my side. She makes me love Japan and Japanese culture even more every day. She also made me realize how different Japanese culture is from French culture

*picture of our first date*

2018 - 29歳

Beginning Youtube

It was very interesting to have an international couple and discover everyday the hardship of culture difference and how to resolve them. This whole situation made me want to create a Youtube channel with my wife about international couple and to share how to have a great relationship and handle the hardship of culture difference

2020 - 31歳

Hardship and new beginning

My wife being HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), it was actually very hard for her to handle the pressure of doing youtube, so we decided to stop. I went back to focus on music.

But during all of this time, I realized that I miss Youtube and the community so much! So I decided to come back and share what I enjoy the most: my love for Japanese culture! By culture I mean food, philosophy, people, way of thinking, architecture, etc. And I have been doing this ever since! It also makes me meet some amazing people, and more than anything, have an amazing community of like minded people! Not a long time ago, someone asked me “How can you have so many ideas for new videos all the time?” and I never really thought about it, because I just talk about what I love, so I never really spend time thinking about it. And I still have so much more video I want to make! 

Making this youtube channel is one of the best experiences of my whole life so far!

2022 - 33歳

Japanese language journey

This year, I realized that I was ashamed of my Japanese level. After 6 years in Japan, I actually never took a single lesson of Japanese, thinking that I would naturally become better. I realized that it was impossible for me to deeply understand Japanese culture without understanding the language. So I decided to finally begin my journey of learning the Japanese language! I documented it a bit in a short series on youtube called 100日後日本語ペラペラになるフランス人. It was super fun to do, but after those 100 days, even if I saw drastic changes, I was still not satisfied. Since then, I’ve been working very hard to be able to make Youtube videos in Japanese about deep topics, while conserving my expression power!





I’m in love with Japan, passionately and genuinely. I love the culture, the people, the history, the food, etc. I want to remind everyone living there how beautiful and amazing the country is. I want to share it with as much people as I can


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I also love France, the country where I was born. I love being this bridge between France and Japan, showing how similar or different they are, allowing everyone to love each other, without any judgment. A lot of Japanese people loves France and a lot of French people loves Japan, so let’s take French – Japanese friendship to another level!


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I am very lucky to have an amazing community. You are all like minded people that are kind and genuine. I want to create more space to interact together, enjoy together and be together!


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I love food, as you can see, most of my videosis me and my friends eating. This is because food is one of the easiest, down to earth things that makes everyone happy, that is deeply rooted in culture and that we can all enjoy together, getting closer and happier. Food is simple and it’s the thing that links my goals all together.


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My favourite things


I’m in love with the wabi sabi concept in Japan. Imperfection is perfect. It shows the deepness of Japanese philosophy.I made a video about it so please check it out

Konbini sweets

I was so surprised to see the deep culture around konbini sweets, the variety and the creativity. The fact is that there are new things all the time. Everyone knows that I like food, and I love wagashi and more traditional Japanese food as well. But I have something special for konbini sweets haha.

Japanese kindness

This is the thing that striked me the most when I first arrived in Japan. The kindness of people, the genuine feeling of care they can give. It makes you directly feels at home and make you wish you can stay here forever

Electric lights

It can sound weird, but I’m in love with electric lights. I don’t think it’s ugly at home. It gives Japan this… melancholy emotion. I think it’s very wabisabi and you can check my video about wabisabi to understand why. It makes Japanese streets so unique.

Japanese cafe and bakeries

Kissaten, cafés, bakery, etc. If I could live in those places, I would be happy. I think Japanese people have a great sense of atmosphere that makes you feel relax very quickly. I also think that their bread and cake in bakeries are extremely original and sometimes overcome French creativity. My favorite cafe/bakery is Higurashi Garden, where I can eat the best croissant I ever eaten!



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