You want to make sure your LDR will go well?
You want to know how to handle jealousy and be more confident?
You wanna be sure your partner is serious?
You wanna feel optimistic about the future?

Take your relationship to the next level!

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This book was created as a Lucky Charm. It should stay with you all the time! It will resolve any issue you have, big or little. It will make you motivated and optimistic. It will be there for you, like a best friend. Like a Lucky Charm.

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Remember: you can do it!

お返事いただき、ありがとうございます。 いただいた言葉に心から救われました。本当に本当にありがとうございます

Honestly…thank you so much, you saved me! I really really appreciate it, thanks again!


A customer, after getting our advice about a long distance relationship issue.

Resolve any issue!

Clicking on the situation you are in right now will directly bring you to a solution! Discover tips and advice created especially for you! We will also suggest some of the best chapters that matches your issue. Example:



•How do I know if he’s serious?

•How can I stop being sad?

•I feel my partner love me less since we do LDR, what should I do?


An LDR is very fragile, don’t wait!

“This is the opportunity to feel safe in your long-distance relationship! Not only it makes everything easier, but it’ll also make you and your partner closer than ever!”

What else?


How to know if your partner is serious ?

We prepared 10 questions to ask them to know for sure what they think about the relationship!


Long Distance Dates

Do you think the best they can do is call each other or text? Wrong! We prepared a list of more than 10 REAL dates ideas for you!


The 7 rules to trust your partner


How to handle jealousy


How to be more confident


How to find an end date to the LDR


Japanese/English relationship glossary

Learn the important words, expressions, and sentence to have a better comunication!


Messages written to your partner

To help them understand why making effort is important and worth it.

Why you should read this book

Imagine waking up feeling content, ready to start your day confidently knowing you are loved. It’s been a few weeks that you don’t fight with your partner anymore. But you talk, you talk a lot! About the bad, the hard parts, your fear, and the distance. But you also talk about the good, the future, the light at the end of the tunnel, the love. You actually talk more since you’re apart. Your bond has deepened and oddly, you feel closer to your partner than ever. You go to bed with a feeling of trust, about the relationship, but also about the future. You’re not afraid anymore, the distance made your couple and YOU stronger, more independent, happier, confident.

This is what is waiting for you if you read this ebook, apply what you read, share it with your partner, and do the work. I’ll be honest, it will not be easy, just reading the book will not change your life but understanding it and being ready to change and act? Well, it just might.

Love is the most important part of life, it will make you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night with a smile on your face. It’s what gives you purpose and happiness. This is why we have to constantly work on ourselves to be better persons, having the right mindset, the right attitude. You need to trust, have confidence, know how to communicate and how to climb all the obstacles. Well, this book will provide you the key to have all of those things. It is directed and introduced with the background of a long-distance relationship, but it will be useful for everything love related and all kinds of relationships. Your family, your best friends, or new people that will arrive in your life. This will help you have better relationships in general, value love and feel worthy of it.


And remember: YOU can do it. Buying this book was the first step! No matter what everyone says, no matter this little voice in your head saying you might fail or you’re not good enough, show them! Be the one that will succeed, you have the power to do it and you already have an advantage on others: You have this book! With that in mind, I know that you are now ready to begin.

I’ll let you with 2 quotes that really illustrate my point before the next chapter. Read them, and understand them. Let them immersed you.

“Be the success story you’re looking for. Be the ones to survive your long-distance relationship. Be the inspiration for others to follow.”

– Dee King

“Life is, most of all, about love – follow your heart, live out your dreams, smile, be happy, see the good in everyone you meet and rise above those who try to make you feel low. Fill your heart and fill your soul – love, no matter what, is always the answer.” 

Emma Heatherington


TLDR: This book work as a solution as well as prevention! Don’t think because everything is going well right now that it will always be perfect. It’s even better to begin to improve your mindset, communication and everything we are talking about here, right now! Be ahead of the problems.


The 8 perks of being in an LDR


The 8 things you CAN'T do when fighting from afar


Step by Step program

To make your relationship better! With TODO lists at the end of each chapter!


80 questions to know each other better!

We prepared 80 questions divided in 4 categories to know your partner better! You can use them as a conversation starter or just to understand better each other.


A lot more!

Sample pages

A unique design!

Who are we?

We are Aurelien Poudat and Kotomi Poudat, a french guy and a Japanese girl, married for more than 1 year. It’s been over 2 years since we have been together, and we have a youtube channel focused on international relationships and long-distance relationships here: https://www.youtube.com/c/べべちゃんbebechan

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